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Prebio PHGG
Prebio GOS
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Femme UT
S. boulardii

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Microbia GI
Endotox LV

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Mucin +
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Education Courses

The GI Health Mastercourse with Dr Jason Hawrelak

Become a master of the Gastrointestinal Biome with our most comprehensive GI course covering a range of GI and GI-related conditions over 12+ hours of content.

Dr Jason Hawrelak is a research scientist, educator, nutritionist, and Western herbalist with over 18 years’ clinical experience. His specialism is gastrointestinal health, the human microbiome, and probiotics. Quite simply,

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The Female Ecology Mastercourse with Moira Bradfield

Join Moira Bradfield, ND to master female intimate ecology – the vaginal and urinary microbiomes – in clinical practice.

Over 9 hours, Moira will lead you through the maze of information on the vaginal microbiome and how it relates to clinical practice, case
interpretation, and therapeutic application.

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The Reproductive Microbiome & Its Effect on Fertility with Leah Hechtman.

Update your understanding of the roles of the reproductive microbiomes in men and women over this 12 hour course with Leah Hechtman.

More than ever before, the health of the reproductive microbiome is a platform with which to base all fertility treatment for the benefit of future generations.

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Our Hero Resources

The Clinical Education team have selected their favourite resources. We hope you enjoy exploring them.

Webinar: LPS: A Player in Chronic Disease

Mycobiome-Host Interactions in Health & Disease

Articles: How to navigate a GI EcologiX report 

SIBO: An ecosystem disorder

Patterns of gut imbalance in IBS and IBD

Why we don’t measure B-glucuronidase