Our impact

We value interdependence in business as we do in human health

Microbiome Guardians are planet guardians

Our mission is to help people feel better, understand how the human body interacts with the many organisms that co-inhabits its ecosystem, and cultivate a better balance within themselves.

It’s increasingly clear that you can’t achieve this without seeing the human body and human society as component parts of a wider natural system.

So, as Microbiome Guardians, our mission is support human health as interconnected with nature and foster a safe, stable and regenerative relationship for all.

Invivo Impact Report 2022/23

See our performance as a business, plus our objectives for the future.

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Working for stakeholders, not shareholders

Being a B Corporation means being a force for good. It means being driven by more than just share price and profits. As a certified B Corp, Invivo Healthcare works to serve all of its stakeholders, including:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • The natural systems we draw from
  • The natural systems we return to
  • The communities who use these natural systems

This shift in mindset has allowed us to embed the “business for good” ethos across everything we do, rather than viewing it as just another performance metric.

Certifying as a B Corp means a shift from maximising shareholder value, to one that equally values its stakeholders. The ripple effect of this business mindset shift is profound; we will forever seek to improve and to use our business as a force for good.
Kat Child Sustainability Lead

B Corp: We’re scoring higher than ever

We renewed our B Corp certification in February 2022 with an additional nine points compared to our score in 2017, when we first registered.

We’ve achieved this by strategically integrating sustainability into every facet of our organisation. That means everything from laboratory processes to product packaging, sourcing materials, and encouraging sustainable behaviour across our sites.

As a growing company in a post-pandemic business landscape, during an ever-intensifying climate emergency, we’re immensely proud of our continued progress in uniquely challenging circumstances.

Why we became a B Corporation

The B Impact assessment is a holistic methodology which measures corporate impact from top to bottom. As an established framework, it’s an excellent tool for guiding our decision-making towards fast, effective and lasting positive change. As a sustainability network that’s recognised and respected worldwide, we believe being a B Corporation is the best way to drive a wider movement towards conscious business.

Our B Corp status has also given us the permission to take part and/or lead in collaborations with external stakeholders. It has been encouraging to see our voice amplified and we hope we can build on this role in the future.
Kat Child Sustainability Lead

we support Business Declares

We have declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency via Business Declares.
It’s vitally important that businesses play their part in acknowledging and accelerating action on the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and social justice.

You can join us and show your support by signing up now.

we support the Better Business Act

We have joined some 2,500 other companies in the Better Business Act coalition, asking the government to amend Section 172 of the Companies Act. This will make businesses legally responsible for benefiting workers, customers, communities and the environment while delivering profit.

This small change would have a massive impact on our collective ambition to create a fairer, greener future for everybody.

You can read more and join us here.

We aspire to act with the understanding that we are each dependent upon another and thus responsible for each other and future generations.
B Corp Declaration of Interdependence