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The ultimate gut health and microbiome stool test, providing a comprehensive analysis of the GI ecosystem and chronic disease-related biomarkers

GI EcologiX

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Standalone calprotectin test to be used as a differential marker between IBD and IBS, for re-testing calprotectin, and for monitoring clinical interventions in IBD management.

Calprotectin Standalone (ELISA)

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A non-invasive stool test, which measures 7 key gut, immune, inflammatory and digestive health markers for a comprehensive overview of gut health and digestion

GI Health Markers Only

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A qPCR non-invasive stool test measuring key microbial markers related to chronic health conditions

GI Microbiome Only (qPCR)

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A standalone profile to measure antigens towards H. pylori

H. pylori Stool Antigen Standalone

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A non-invasive faecal pancreatic elastase test used to asses digestive health via pancreatic insufficiency and its degree of severity.

Pancreatic Elastase Standalone (ELISA)