Our Science

Host-microbiome-centred testing and supplements

Our health philosophy

Our company is centred around healthcare professionals and scientists, brought together by a shared understanding of the innate biological complexity inherent in all ecosystems. It is these ecosystems that shape our health.

Invivo provides testing services that analyse the microbiome, the host-immune status and genomic data. As we understand more about the interdependent role of the human microbiome, genetics, the environment, nutrition and human health, we hope to steer patients back towards long-term wellness, and foster a deeper relationship with the ecosystems in which they live.

We respect that human health is indivisible from the communities of microorganisms that live within, and outside of us. In that vein, we develop plant, nutrient and microorganism-based therapeutics to assist clinicians in modifying human health and disease. We consider these therapeutic developments to be leading the way in combating the rise of chronic disease and the reductionist approach to medicine.

The time has come to replace the purely reductionist ‘eyes-down’ molecular perspective with a new and genuinely holistic, eyes-up, view of the living world, one whose primary focus is on evolution, emergence, and biology's innate complexity.
Carl Woese 2006

Multiple Microbiome Tests