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We offer clinical tools, resources and education to restore human health and ecology


Diagnostics & Therapeutics

We have collated and developed a range of clinical tools that respect the biological complexity of human health.

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Personalised Practitioner Dashboard

Your test results, orders, registered patients, education and clinical resources housed in one place.
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Our task now is to re-synthesize biology; put the organism back into its environment; connect it again to its evolutionary past; and let us feel that complex flow that is organism, evolution, and environment united. The time has come for biology to enter the nonlinear world.
Carl Woese 2004

Test Result Portal

Your own diagnostic test result portal gives you oversight of the status of all your lab test orders and sends you notifications when a result is available.



Access online clinical courses and free webinars, which can be added to your dashboard.

Download clinical resources, technical papers and test interpretations written by our clinical education team.

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