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Article, Female EcologiX™, Women's Health

Key Bacteria for Vaginal Health

The microbiota of healthy premenopausal woman is generally dominated by Lactobacillus species, which is an accepted marker of vaginal health and indicates functional host-microbial interactions.

Article, Oral EcologiX™, Oral Health

Oral EcologiX™ | Host-Microbiome Analysis

The majority of oral microbiota species exist within a complex multispecies structure termed the oral biofilm (dental plaque). The development of oral biofilms is initiated by adherence of pioneer species ...

Webinar, Diagnostics

Introducing Organic Acids inc. Environmental Pollutants Test

All you need to know about our new Organic Acids and Environmental Pollutants diagnostic test.

Webinar, Bio.Me

Bio.Me – Introductory 1 Minute Video Highlight

Blending modern clinical research with traditional botanical medicines and naturopathic principles to balance and optimise the health of the host and their body’s multiple microbiomes.

Webinar, Bio.Me, Bio.Me Oral

Bio.Me Oral | 1 Minute Video Highlight

A multistrain live bacteria formula developed to be used as part of a daily oral health routine to support oral health and the oral microbiome. Also containing Probioact Technology PROBIOACT® ...

Webinar, Bio.Me, Bio.Me Femme

Bio.Me Femme | 3 Minute Video Highlight

A multistrain live bacteria formula, which simultaneously works on the gut, vagina and urinary microbiome to support and balance these female microbiomes. Also containing Probioact Technology PROBIOACT® stands for probiotic ...

Webinar, Bio.Me, Bio.Me Kinetic

Bio.Me Kinetic | 1 Minute Video Highlight

This botanical formula, featuring ginger root, citrus bioflavonoids, ginseng, and artichoke, as well as herbs inspired by Ayurvedic and Kampo traditions and solid recent research, naturally supports the upper gastrointestinal ...

Webinar, Bio.Me, Bio.Me Barrier

Bio.Me Barrier | 2 Minute Video Highlight

A clinically-researched multistrain live bacteria for the gut-brain microbiome and intestinal barrier health, which works to support the immune response and tight junctions and to break down lipopolysaccharides. Also containing ...

Webinar, Bio.Me, Bio.Me Essential

Bio.Me Essential | 4 Minute Video Highlight

A foundational formula for your body’s multiple microbiomes. Bio.Me Essential contains multiple evidence-based polyphenol-rich ingredients, including citrus bioflavonoid extract, ecklonia cava, blackcurrant, grapeseed, cocoa, pomegranate and green tea ...


GI-MAP Overview

New to the GI-MAP? This is essential viewing. Learn how to read and interpret GI-MAP results in 20 minutes with Sue Camp.

Webinar, Bio.Clear, Bio.Clear Endotox-LV

Bio.Clear Endotox-LV | 3 Minute Video Highlight

"We were drawn to the liver because it is a primary site for lipopolysaccharide (LPS) clearance. To create a product to optimise liver function, was therefore high on our priority ...