Restoring human
health and ecology

Host-microbiome-centred diagnostics and therapeutics for healthcare practitioners and their patients.

Invivo for Practitioners

Potent Immune Support

Now is the time, more than ever, to optimise your defences. Our targeted Invivo Therapeutics work with your body's systems to offer potent, intelligently designed immune support.

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Introducing Bio.Revive Colostrum
Organic, high-welfare colostrum containing 35% immunoglobulins for immune and gastrointestinal health.

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Our Oral Microbiome Suite

Your oral microbiome diagnostics and therapeutics covered: qRT-PCR assessment of your oral microbiome & oral probiotic rinse

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Certified B Corp

Our work at Invivo is directly linked to understanding the benefits and challenges of interconnected (eco)systems.

We are ripe for a paradigm shift in health, and in society. One in which we consider the planet and all its many human and nonhuman inhabitants as stakeholders that we are accountable for. Through our commitment and accountability in becoming a B Corp certified company, we have redefined the way we run our business.

The planet is a finite resource. We must nourish it, as we nourish ourselves.

Our sustainability

We're here for you

Our team is an inquisitive and committed one, stemming from diverse backgrounds. Many of us are scientists and clinicians, bringing together a range of disciplines including microbiology, immunology, naturopathy, nutritional therapy, and anthropology.

If you are registered with us as a healthcare professional, we offer complimentary consultations to discuss our products and test results and have a range of supportive resources and education, designed for you.

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