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  • Gluten Free
  • Stevia Free
  • GMP
  • Non GMO
Clinically researched live bacteria for the female microbiome

A multi-strain live bacteria formula, which simultaneously works on the gut, vagina and urinary microbiome to support and balance these female ecosystems.

Contains: Soy

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Key Benefits

Supported by clinical data
The bacterial strains in this formulation have been studied for their effects on epithelial barriers and pathogen growth in the vagina, bladder and gut

Helps to balance pH
Lactobacillus species have been shown to help to acidify the bladder and urinary tract through lactic acid production

Rebalances the Microbiome
Research has also shown that these cultures support the rebalancing of the microbiome

Suitable for all genders


2 reviews for Bio.Me Femme UT 90g

  1. Emily B verified buyer

    This stuff really is amazing. We have to be so careful with not taking too many antibiotics and bio me femme UT provides an effective alternative if taken regularly. I highly recommend.

  2. Felicity M verified buyer

    This stuff is amazing. After making some other changes I managed to stop taking long term antibiotics for UTI but the symptoms started to creep back. My pain reduced immediately when I started taking this and after a month, i have no symptoms provided I take it consistently. I don’t love taking medicines but it’s not too bad to drink. I’m looking forward to the capsules being released however !
    Anyway I’d highly recommend this product

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Nutritional Information
Ingredients: Clear Live Bacteria (L. acidophilus W22, L. brevis W63, L. casei W56, L. helveticus W74, L. pentosus W2 (KCA1), L. plantarum W21, L. salivarius W24) 3 billion CFU, PROBIOACT® (Maize Starch, Maltodextrin, Hydrolysed Rice Protein)

Mix 3g (1.5 tsp) daily into 100ml of water.  Leave for 1 minute.  Stir and take on an empty stomach.

Suitable from 1 year

Do not exceed the recommended dose, unless advised by your healthcare professional.


How should Bio.Me Femme UT be taken?

Bio.Me Femme UT can be taken any time but should be without food and on an empty stomach.

Does Bio.Me Femme UT have any contraindications to consider?

Do not use Bio.Me Femme UT if immunocompromised or allergic to any of the ingredients. When taking antibiotics, wait 2-3 hours before using.

Is Bio.Me Femme UT safe to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Bio.Me Femme UT is considered safe to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, we always recommend discussing with your healthcare provider whether any supplement is suitable for you.

What age is Bio.Me Femme UT recommended for?

Bio.Me Femme UT is suitable from 1 year.

Is Bio.Me Femme UT suitable for vegans?

Bio.Me Femme UT is not considered suitable for vegans. While there is no dairy present in the final product, the live bacteria may have come into contact with dairy when being cultured.

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