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A potent anti-viral and immune formula with clinically evidenced botanicals and the amino acid L-lysine, alongside vitamin C.

Bio.Clear Virome 90 Capsule

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Clinically researched probiotics for the gut-brain microbiome

Bio.Me Barrier 120g

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Clinically researched probiotics for the female microbiome

Bio.Me Femme UT 90g

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A phytonutrient formula to support the gastrointestinal membrane and increase Akkermansia spp.

Bio.Revive Mucin + 90 Capsule

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Clinical grade Saccharomyces boulardii for the gastrointestinal microbiome

Bio.Me S. boulardii 60 Capsules

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The essential vitamins and minerals required to support the immune system, alongside an immune-supportive fermented beta glucan complex

Bio.Revive Beta Immune + 30 Capsule

In product development, we aspire to create the best possible product, while causing the least impact to the environment, without compromising efficacy of therapeutic action.
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An organic, ethical bovine colostrum containing 35% immunoglobulins for gastrointestinal health & immune support

Bio.Revive Organic Colostrum 60 capsule

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A medicinal mushroom mix to support immunity and provide antioxidant protection

Bio.Revive Mycommune 90 Capsule