Bio.Revive Beta Immune + 30 Capsule

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  • Gluten Free
  • Stevia Free
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  • Non GMO
  • Vegan

Bio.Revive Beta Immune + 30 Capsule

(1 review)
The essential vitamins and minerals required to support the immune system, alongside an immune-supportive fermented beta glucan complex

Bio.Revive™ Beta Immune + contains the vitamins and minerals required to support the production of immunoglobulins, such as secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA), and for the health of the innate immune response of the epithelial lining, which provides the first line of defence against invasion.

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Key Benefits

Boosts the Immune system
Zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin D contribute to the normal function of the immune system

Rebalances the gut
Beta Glucans selectively feed lactobacilli to rebalance the gut microbiome

Extensively studied
BGF Immune contains polysaccharides that have been studied extensively for their effects on the immune system


1 review for Bio.Revive Beta Immune + 30 Capsule

  1. Sarasue McAllister-Lovatt verified buyer

    Having been very ill with pneumonia and complications most of this year and with a depleted immune system, not helped by antibiotics, I am finding this product brilliant at helping me recover my health. It suites me well and is easy for me to take with my breakfast. I am gutted ( pun intended) it is currently out of stock. Hopefully it will be available again soon.

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Nutritional Information
Ingredients: Vitamin A 2,000 IU (As Retinyl Palmitate) 600μg, Vitamin D3 1,000 IU (Vegan) (As Cholecalciferol) 25μg, Zinc (As Zinc Bisglycinate) 20mg, BGF Immune® (Providing 1,3 Beta Glucans) 350mg, Capsule Shell: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose

Take 1 capsule daily.

Do not exceed the recommended dose, unless advised by your healthcare professional.


How should Bio.Revive Beta Immune + be taken?

Bio.Revive Beta Immune + is best taken with a meal as zinc may cause nausea on an empty stomach.

Does Bio.Revive Beta Immune + have any contraindications to consider?

Bio.Revive Beta Immune + contains Vitamin A. It should not be taken if you are pregnant or likely to become pregnant, except on the advice of a healthcare professional.

Is Bio.Revive Beta Immune + safe to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Bio.Revive Beta Immune + is not suitable to take during pregnancy or when breast feeding.

What age is Bio.Revive Beta Immune + recommended for?

Bio.Revive Beta Immune + is suitable from 12 years.

Is Bio.Revive Beta Immune + suitable for vegans?

Bio.Revive Beta Immune + is suitable for vegans.

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