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Vaginal Microbiome Probiotic: Bio.Me Femme V

Bio.Me™ Femme V - Our vaginal health probiotic containing keystone Lactobacillus species

Bio.Me™ Femme V

Our vaginal health probiotic containing keystone Lactobacillus species

The microbiota of healthy premenopausal women is generally dominated by Lactobacillus species, which is an accepted marker of vaginal health and indicates functional host-microbial interactions.

The vulvo-vaginal area has its own distinct commensal microbiome which differs from the other microbiomes in the body. The composition of the microbiome and its dialogue with host immune responses in the vagina plays a role in vaginal, reproductive and maternal health. Dysbiosis of the vaginal flora can play a large role in infertility, frequent miscarriage, endometriosis, pre-term birth, frequent urinary tract infections, bacterial vaginosis, vaginismus and vagino-vulval itching and discomfort.

Learn about the key bacteria for vaginal health

Bio.Me Femme V Key Features:

  • Only available vaginal probiotic containing Lactobacillus crispatus
  • Multi-species formula with keystone Lactobacilli for optimal lactic acid production, pH and pathobiont inhibition
  • Proven colonisation in the vagina after oral ingestion (human clinical trial)
  • Significantly reduced reoccurrence of bacterial vaginosis after antibiotic treatment (human clinical trial)
  • Available in 30s and 60s
  • Tech paper available (logged in)



Invivo Female Range | Multiple Microbiomes

Urinary and vaginal microbiomes are key to female and reproductive health. We have been focussing on this recently with our ‘let’s talk about vaginal health’ campaign over social media, email and in The Female Ecology Mastercourse.

In product development, we now have a small suite of female microbiome products, which Femme V joins. This covers your diagnostic needs with Female EcologiX™ Vaginal Health & Microbiome Profile, Bio.Me™ Femme UT (formerly Femme) for the urinary tract and UTIs, and now Bio.Me™ Femme V for the vaginal microbiome and vaginal infections.

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