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Introducing Invivo’s #GutGardenChallenge

Just as a vibrant garden thrives on there being a diversity of species present, so does your gut microbiome.  Each microbe has its own preferred fuel source. So, we need …


Prebiotics: You are what your microbes eat.

In a world where more and more people are showing interest in the human microbiome and their own gut health, navigating the expanding world of ‘biotics’ can be confusing. While …


How To Support Your Microbiome in Autumn

With the arrival of autumn, there’s a renewed emphasis on the well-being of your microbiome. Just as the leaves undergo a transformation during this season, it’s time to consider a …

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Alzheimer’s and the Oral Microbiome

Will flossing actually improve your brain health? Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the mouth was a long-forgotten part of the body. We took it for granted, not appreciating that similar …


The Vaginal Microbiome and it’s Role in Conception

The microbes that live within and on us are an important component of what makes us human. Every different area of our body has an affinity with different types of …


How To Support Your Microbiome in Spring

Spring is now fully underway, and just as the flowers in our gardens need nurturing and care to flourish, so do the trillions of microorganisms that make up our microbiome. …


What are Prebiotics, Probiotics & Postbiotics?

In a world where more and more people are showing interest in the human microbiome and their own gut health, navigating and understanding the expanding world of ‘biotics’ can, at …


Menopause & The Microbiome

This article focuses on the interplay between the different microbiomes at this life stage with their associated symptoms and conditions. Gaining a deeper appreciation of the gut microbiota-brain axis, gut-vaginal …


Mood & The Microbiome

For many years, mental health was thought to be only a problem of the mind, and not linked to the processes and functioning of the body that houses the mind. …


IBD & The Microbiome

The range of disorders cumulatively known as IBD affects many people across the UK, and the human microbiome is involved in more ways than one. The question is, what can …


Exploring the impact of professional hygiene therapy on the oral microbiome

Dr Victoria Sampson BDS MFDS RCS Ed, in partnership with Invivo Healthcare and EMS Dental, is leading an interventional study exploring the impacts of professional hygiene therapy using state of …


IBS: A Spectrum

IBS is a catch-all diagnosis for someone suffering from bowel discomfort such as cramping, abdominal pains, bloating, diarrhoea, or constipation, or sometimes an alteration between the two. The trouble with …