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Zonulin, DAO, Histamine and LPS to assess intestinal barrier integrity

Gastrointestinal, Immunology-Inflammation

Advanced Intestinal Barrier Assessment

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Clinically researched probiotics for the gut-brain microbiome

Digestive Support, Liver Support, Microbiome Support

Bio.Me Barrier 120g

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Clinically researched probiotics for the gut-brain microbiome.

Digestive Support, Microbiome Support

Bio.Me Barrier 90 Capsule

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Recording of Immunology in Clinical Practice; The Dance of Immunomodulation with Dr Cheryl Burdette, ND - 4.5 Hours

Immunology in Clinical Practice

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Looking for a product to support gut barrier function?

When is barrier function a relevant clinical consideration? The importance of an effective physical and immune barrier at the site of host-microbiome interactions cannot be downplayed. Our solution is Bio....

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Bio.Me Barrier | 2 Minute Video Highlight

A clinically-researched multistrain live bacteria for the gut-brain microbiome and intestinal barrier health, which works to support the immune response and tight junctions and to break down lipopolysaccharides. Also containing ...

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The Gut-Brain Axis | Research

The intestinal microbiota is considered to be associated with the neuro–endocrine–immune pathways, generating the concept of the gut–brain axis. Within this framework, the intestinal epithelial 'barrier', plays ...