GI & Vaginal EcologiX™ Bundle


GI & Vaginal EcologiX™ Bundle



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Crafted with your well-being in mind, this multi- microbiome testing bundle offers our most comprehensive assessment of your interconnected GI and Vaginal microbiomes.

The gut and vaginal microbiomes are distinct and separate, but also intricately interconnected in the ways they can influence each other and in turn, the health of our body. Imbalances in one of these microbiome sites can cause imbalances in the other due to crosstalk between them and the ability of microbes to translocate. The opposite is also true. Wellness in one microbiome site may also influence wellness in the other.

Our GI and Vaginal EcologiX Bundle provides an opportunity to delve into your gut and vaginal microbiomes, shedding light on how they interrelate with each other and with your overall health. This exploration is done in collaboration with your chosen healthcare provider, enabling you to prioritize, streamline, and incorporate personalized dietary, lifestyle, and supplement choices aligned with your wellness goals.

Many women suffer from chronic or recurrent vaginal health issues, including different types of infection, often bacterial, fungal, mycoplasma, and/or protozoan in origin. Not only can ongoing vaginal issues cause significant physical distress, but they can also have other health implications, including on our reproductive and emotional well-being. Indeed, the health of the vaginal microbiome is an important consideration for individuals preparing for their pre-conception journey, whether there are vaginal symptoms or not.

Our GI and Vaginal EcologiX Bundle allows comprehensive insight into the vaginal microbiome in the context of the gut microbiome, to allow an appreciation for the nature of communication between these two microbiome sites. The GI EcologiX is also relevant if an individual suffers from, or has a family history of, a chronic health condition affecting their gut, immune, vaginal, reproductive, metabolic, cardiovascular, mental, and cognitive health, for example, as the health of the gut and gut microbiome is a foundation of whole body health.

There are many reasons to select this testing bundle. Regardless of your reasons for embarking on this well-being exploration, enhancing your understanding of your gut & vaginal microbiomes and their potential influence on your health can assist both you and your chosen healthcare provider in making well-informed decisions regarding your dietary, lifestyle, and supplement choices.

What this bundle contains:

1 X GI EcologiX test
1 X Vaginal EcologiX test

Each test kit will have its own sample requirements and instructions included. The results will be reported individually.

Turnaround time:

15 working days turnaround time.


We use qPCR to measure the microbiome portions of the test, and any host markers are measured by separate ELISA or other technologies depending on the marker we are looking for.


Sample type: Stool
Lab: Invivo Diagnostics
Sample type
Invivo Diagnostics

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