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On becoming The Human Microbiome Company

Curiosity got us here.

We are obsessively curious about the interconnected relationships between the microbiome and the human body. Our ever-evolving understanding of these interdependent relationships is shifting the paradigm of both human and planetary healthcare.

Our curiosity, when combined with our passion for transformative business, resulted in our truly unique way of translating; microbial health, client outcomes, science, transparency, sustainability and ecology into innovative and responsible practice.

We see ‘mother’ nature as a stakeholder, one that has an incredibly influential seat at our table. When the environment closes its business, so too will we be forced to close ours and as a healthcare company, we cannot ignore this inconvenient truth. We are driven to lower our environmental and social impact as much as we can while running a thriving company.

The journey here was a collective effort, with multiple evolutions. Initially founded 15 years ago by Don Maree, the company was primarily a distributor for leading US practitioner only supplement providers and laboratories.

Our now CEO, Humphrey Bacchus, was onboarded 10 years ago into a small team of three, with a background in clinical practice he understood the immeasurable benefits of providing valuable tools to both client and practitioner. Under Humphrey’s leadership, the team expanded seeing Louise Joyce join Invivo in 2017. As an Australian Naturopath with extensive experience in the supplement industry both in the UK and abroad, Louise’s skill set paired with her and Humphrey’s combined passion for human health contributed to the company’s evolution.

In 2018, Humphrey and Louise co-founded and launched Invivo Therapeutics. This was achieved with the breadth of skills of the newly formed therapeutic development team including Debbie Cotton and Belinda Gilbert. Debbie’s experience as a Naturopath, Psychotherapist and renowned lecturer paired with Belinda’s experience as a nutritionally trained buyer for a global healthcare chain contribute to the ongoing expansion of Invivo Therapeutics.

Founding Invivo Therapeutics was a landmark moment for Invivo, seeing us complete a natural (at least to us) transition from a distribution-based model to an industry innovator in the field of the human microbiome using ethical and sustainable practice. 2019 further solidified this with the founding of the Invivo Lab, the natural other half of Invivo’s commitment to providing the best microbiome tools. In 2022, Dr Emma Beamish continue to lead the team of scientists there including our dedicated Research and Development Scientist, Dr Suzie Forrest.

Invivo’s Clinical Education team; Naomi, Emily, Lesley and Debbie are our trusted microbiome guides, assisting thousands of healthcare providers in navigating the complex and fascinating world of the human microbiome. Alongside the team are our Clinical and Scientific Advisory Boards, comprised of global clinical and research experts.

Within our multiple offices we hold a wealth of talent and expertise committed to ensuring we achieve our mission of restoring human health and ecology.

You could say curiosity got us here, but it was the people that made it all happen.

Our Certifications |

Our certifications are more than just pieces of paper and tick boxes. We strive to achieve certifications and accreditations that are in line with our mission and commitments to human health and the health of our planet.

We achieved our first such certification in 2018 when we were certified as a Living Wage Employer, cementing our commitment to a stakeholder model and the health of our employees.

2018 was also the year we became B Corp Certified, a natural step for us in the journey towards solidifying our social and environmental commitments.

Ultimately, becoming B Corp Certified enabled us to use our business as a force for good. In 2020 we extended this to our lab by proudly leading the way in sustainable biotech and becoming the world’s first B Corp testing laboratory.

To further strengthen our commitment, we are certified as a carbon-neutral company and have since pledged to become net-zero by 2030.

In September 2020, Invivo was certified as an Organic Processor with the Soil Association. We are proud to adhere to the Soil Association’s high standards to ensure we cause minimal ecological harm with our processes. We also support the organic movement as a key driver in restoring human health and ecology. In these ways, we are disrupting the status quo in the healthcare industry, but with a transparent approach, we hope others will follow our journey.

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Our Supplements |

Invivo Therapeutics was launched as a range of products designed with human ecology in mind. Our supplements were developed to respect the complex relations between host physiology and our multiple microbiomes. While our range has grown, all our products remain united in their aim to optimise, modulate and restore host-microbiome homeostasis. This, we believe, is crucial for human health. All our finished products are tested for gluten, casein, lactose, and heavy metals to ensure we always have the best quality products available.

We are advancing into a new era of microbiome stewardship. With our ever-increasing understanding of the interdependence of our health and the health of our microbiomes it appears prudent that we embrace our new roles as microbiome guardians.

– Louise Joyce | Co-founder of Invivo Therapeutics and Board Advisor

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Our Microbiome Lab |

In 2019 we launched our very own laboratory proudly homed in Bristol, UK. Our Lab is Care Quality Commission (CQC) Certified and is the world’s first B Corp Certified testing laboratory with a dedicated team of talented scientific professionals.

Our Lab was founded with the primary focus of translating our pioneering research into accurate, practical and personalised analysis for our global community of healthcare providers and their clients.

Through our extensive R&D we are exploring the microbiome-immune interface and its role in health and disease and continue to conduct ground-breaking research into multiple, previously under-examined, human microbiome. We seek to always translate our discoveries into direct and impactful solutions to improve people’s overall health and wellbeing.

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Our Tests |

In 2019 we launched our EcologiX tests, a range of health & microbiome profile tests, tools for the assessment of gastrointestinal, vaginal and oral ecosystems. With the success of our GI, Vaginal & Oral EcologiX tests, our R&D team are currently working on expanding this offering to other human microbiomes.

The intention with our EcologiX tests is that they serve as clinical tools to explore and analyse the abundance, health, and composition of the body’s microbiome in different locations. Our robust R&D process ensures our EcologiX tests provide key evidence-based microbial markers with clinical relevance and links to a broad scope of health conditions, providing actionable insights for positive client outcomes.

Just as we view ourselves as an interconnected, functioning system, so are our multiple microbiomes. They are both independent and interdependent. They exert influence locally and systemically, communicating microbe to microbe and microbe to host. Our dialogue is never ending. Engaging in the health of our multiple microbiomes not only brings us closer to ourselves, but also fosters a deeper relationship with nature, of which our intimate connection is undeniable and is part and parcel of what it means to be ‘human’.

Humphrey Bacchus | Former CEO of Invivo

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Our Education |

The purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” – Sydney J. Harris

Our clinical education team are all self-confessed and peer-ratified microbiome obsessives with extensive experience in clinical practice. This team are responsible for populating our library of webinars, courses, masterclasses, case studies and articles exploring the interconnected and interdependent relationships throughout the human body ecosystem, the role of clinical tools and new research and development findings. This passionate and talented team navigate the complex world of the human microbiome with grace and humility.

We are perpetually updating our knowledge as a team, reading research papers, and learning from our Advisory Boards. Through our educational courses, we share our digestion of the research and understanding of different topics related to the microbiome and provide clinical considerations.

Through our educational provision we are working to inspire positive and sustainable change to the future of healthcare.

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We recognise our work in the human microbiome has the ability to benefit more than those who have direct access to our products and services and are committed to ensuring it does.

Our love of and commitment to restoring human health and ecology has us working forward to a day when microbiome stewardship is considered when addressing health, disease, environment, and community.

That we may inspire and be part of a paradigm shift in responsible healthcare and business.

A great product is only half the story. Especially in the healthcare industry. The service, empathy, support, and relationship – or partnership – is the crucial other half that turns a great product into a brilliant outcome.

Thank you for being an irreplaceable part of our journey.