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Exciting News: A New Era Begins for Invivo

We are thrilled to share some exciting news that underscores our commitment to innovation and progress. We are excited to share that Microba, a world leader in microbiome science, has recently acquired Invivo. This acquisition marks a new chapter for us, bringing together the strengths and expertise of Invivo with the dynamic capabilities and world-leading science of Microba. We are confident that this alliance will further propel our commitment to human health and ecology and elevate our impact on the human microbiome.

Founded in 2017, Microba has swiftly become renowned as thought leaders and scientific experts in the realm of the gut microbiome. Committed to advancing human health, a mission shared by Invivo, Microba is based in Brisbane, Australia, originating as a spin-out from the University of Queensland. The Microba team boasts an impressive pedigree in microbiome science, with its co-founders recognized as two of the world’s foremost experts in the field.

Invivo’s journey so far has taken us into the development of a range of testing covering GI, urinary, oral and vaginal microbiomes. We have combined these tests with a range of award-winning, high-quality supplements. Together we are committed to improving human health by driving forward the boundaries of microbiome science.

As Invivo enters this new phase of growth, our relationship with you is still our top priority, and we want to emphasise that, for now, it will be business as usual. We will continue selling our supplement and testing ranges exactly as they are, paired with the same high-quality service, confidence, and support from the team you have come to know and trust. Our mission and core values remain the same and are confident that, through this partnership, will only be strengthened. Microba’s core values are incredibly aligned with our own and it’s through these synergies that we look forward to offering you the highest quality in microbiome science.

Here are a few thoughts from our colleagues about this exciting new relationship:

I am incredibly excited about this new partnership between Invivo and Microba, I have been secretly admiring them for quite a while so was flattered when we found out they felt the same about us! In all our meetings so far, there has been a mutual recognition of our individual and collective passions for making microbiome science accessible, clinically useful and relevant, whilst staying human in the process. This partnership feels like we’ve just extended the Invivo family to include our Australian cousins, and I can’t wait for the synergies it will bring. I also can’t wait to geek out with all the amazing people that just want to speak microbes too and share that knowledge with all of you!

Debbie Cotton, Head of Clinical Innovation

Having joined the team at Invivo very recently I am absolutely thrilled at the prospect of working with our incredible customers and now more new colleagues at Microba. Everyone is so impressive in their own right, however, together they really have the potential to deliver something very special in microbiome science. I can’t wait…

Simon Mangan, Managing Director

To our phenomenal community of microbiome guardians – you, our cherished partners, customers, and team members, are the keystones in our microbial community, it is only with your support that we can foster an environment for growth. Your support is the catalyst for this microbial symphony, and we can’t wait to share the harmonies of progress with you. We hope you’ll join us as we prepare to embark on this extraordinary microbial journey.

If you have any questions, concerns or just want to chat things through with a familiar voice, simply email your questions to and Lesley, Emily, Naomi, Ashley, Bethany or Debbie will reach out to you.