Deirdre Nazareth Joins Invivo

The Growing Invivo Family…

We’re really excited to announce the latest member of our growing Invivo family, Deirdre Nazareth, M(Ost) Med, DO, ND, MSc Pain, IFMCP, who joins us as our Clinical Research & Education Specialist.

My decision to join Invivo came from a desire to be more involved in the education aspect of the health and wellness industry. I had already used some of the tests offered by Invivo and was really impressed with the level of customer service I received. Meeting Humphrey and Louise solidified that impression. Their passion about their purpose for the company was infectious. I wanted to be part of a company that would not only foster many of my own personal desires, but would also be a positive environment to share and learn with like-minded individuals.

This is my first experience working in this capacity and I am so happy. I have quite a diverse background in that I have worn many different hats in the health and wellness industry. I have worked as a research assistant, a personal trainer and currently am a registered osteopath who has completed the functional medicine certification and a Masters in the neuroscience of pain. Though these roles granted me the opportunity to work 1-1 with clients, working in this way has also been quite isolating at times.

Deirdre Nazareth, M(Ost) Med, DO, ND, MSc Pain, IFMCP

Deirdre Nazareth