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5% Minimum To Charity - Our Commitment

We are proud to announce our commitment to gift a minimum of 5% of our net profits to grassroots health initiatives.

This commitment is a natural extension of our mission to restore human health and ecology through our work within multiple microbiomes and therapeutic innovations. We recognise our work has the ability to benefit more than those who have direct access to our products and services and are committed to ensuring it does.

We recognise our work has the ability to benefit more than those who have direct access to our products and services and are committed to ensuring it does.

The charities we have partnered with as recipients of our minimum 5% net profit are The Human Milk Foundation, Thrive and Stroud Valleys Project.

Human Milk Foundation

HMF provide screened donor milk to sick, premature babies in NICUs, and to mothers with cancer and other conditions

Stroud Valleys Project

A community-based charity working in the Stroud district (where our HQ is located) with people for the environment.


A gardening for health charity, Thrive use gardening to bring about positive changes in the lives of people living with disabilities or ill health, or who are isolated, disadvantaged or vulnerable.


“As a microbiome company focused on positively impacting health and wellness, it is important to us that we can use our business to drive grass-roots initiatives throughout communities.

We want the benefits of our work to reach beyond the direct effects of the use of our products, through to communities at giving access to essential services such as providing human milk for neonatal infants or nature access for isolated, disadvantaged or vulnerable individuals.

To ensure we can contribute to the change we need to see in the world, we have committed to donating a minimum of 5% of our profits to support these projects. Whilst we strive to create the best possible products to measure, modulate and restore the human microbiome we can also be impacting the whole ecosystem around us.”

– Humphrey Bacchus | CEO of Invivo



Your Impact 

We see nature as a stakeholder and the health of nature and humans entirely indivisible. We seek to consciously reduce our impact in practice whilst assisting the health outcomes of those who work with us and extending this to the communities within which they live, the environment that supports their health and encouraging & highlighting these interconnections.

Like you, we value health and this extends to the health of our communities and our environment, both of which influence our own health outcomes. This commitment means your work with Invivo directly contributes to supporting the excellent work of the 3 health charities we have selected.

Disrupting The Status Quo

We are a healthcare company that specialises in the multiple human microbiomes, we cannot talk with conviction about human health if we do not consider our environment – the outer world that speaks to our inner world. If we do not look after that, then how do we expect to maintain human health?

We are ripe for a paradigm shift in health, and in society. One in which we consider the planet and all its many human and non-human inhabitants as stakeholders. The planet is a finite resource. We must nourish it, as we nourish ourselves.

We are driven to lower our environmental and social impact as much as we can while running a thriving company and our company milestones, commitments and certifications reflect that.

  • We are a certified carbon neutral company, offsetting through a certified forest conservation project
  • We are B Corp-certified, solidifying our social and environmental commitment, enabling us to use our business as a force for good.
  • We proudly led the way in sustainable biotech by becoming the world’s first B Corp microbiome laboratory
  • In 2020 we were certified as an Organic Processor with the Soil Association.
  • We joined the B Corp Climate Collective, pledging to be net zero by 2030, but we are actually aiming for 2025
  • We are making scope 1+2 status reductions:
    • All sites use 100% renewable energy
    • Hybrid cars for carpooling to our Bristol site
    • Business travel policy prioritising public transport and minimising aviation
    • We are starting to add scope 3 reductions that are central to our business model
  • We use 100% plastic-free postal packaging materials
  • We chose glass bottles and biodegradable paper and inks for Invivo Therapeutics
  • Invivo Therapeutics ingredients are organic where possible and sourced as locally as possible
  • We work with ethical Investors as our pension company
  • We run community educational events, such as film screenings, to raise money for Stroud District Action on Plastic
  • A proportion of ticket sales of our professional educational events are donated to our chosen annual charity
  • We are a 2019 Plastic Free Champion (Surfers Against Sewage)
  • We invest in a regenerative agriculture farm in Spain

In these ways, we are disrupting the status quo in the healthcare industry, but with a transparent approach. We hope to inspire others to follow our journey.