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Prebiotic Fibres with Dr George Tzortzis

Learn about three major evidence-based prebiotics from one of the global leaders in prebiotic fibre research and development, Dr George Tzortzis.

8th July 2020
4:00 pm GMT


We are really pleased to introduce you to Dr George Tzortzis. He is an invaluable source of knowledge for us here as part of our Clinical Advisory. This webinar actually came about after a chat we had with George on prebiotic fibres. We have basically asked him to repeat the conversation. It was that good. The foundations of prebiotic fibres will be discussed, which is important to understand, as well as what they can be used for in clinical practice.

George is one of the global leaders in prebiotic fibre research and development, having worked in this field for almost two decades. His knowledge really is second to none.

Learning objectives:

  • Introduction to fibres:┬ástructure dictates function
  • Partially hydrolysed guar gum (PHGG)
    • structure, production, function
    • clinical uses
  • Galactooligosaccharides (GOS)
    • structure, production, function
    • clinical uses
  • Fucoidan
    • structure, source, function
    • host-microbiota signalling
    • clinical uses


  • Dr George Tzortzis

    Dr George Tzortzis completed his PhD in gut microbiology and glycobiology at Reading University in 2003. Since then George has been both Director of R&D and CSO at Clasado Biosciences, developing a 17-year track record of successful strategic and tactical leadership within the biotech industry. He has a consistent track record of successfully handling all complexities pertaining to therapeutic discovery, pre-clinical and clinical studies, and international regulatory compliance; while holding nine patents in the area of gut microbiota/microbiome and health.

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