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Phylo Bioscience X Invivo

This is one of the most exciting moments in Invivo’s history.

In 2018 we made the decision to invest in starting Phylo Bioscience (now Invivo Diagnostics), a microbiome and biotech laboratory based out of Bristol in the UK. The mission was, and continues to be, translating host-microbiome research into precision medicine. In 2019, we saw the laboratory launch exciting new diagnostic profiles assessing the oral and vaginal microbiomes.  

In December 2019, with Phylo Bioscience completing the development of an impressive new panel to assess gastrointestinal health – GI EcologiX™  we felt ready to share our vision and laboratory with you.  

During the last 18 months, Phylo Bioscience has built an incredible team of talented microbiologists, molecular biologists, immunologists, and cell biologists alongside a global Scientific Advisory Board. They have all helped craft the science, the target markers, and the clinical utility of the profiles.   

We are as proud as we are humbled at our opportunity to be part of an incredibly talented, and flourishing UK microbiome sector and to take our science onto a global stage. This exciting step means Invivo can focus on developing clinical diagnostics in the global microbiome space and help drive forward innovation in therapeutic strategies. 

Invivo has spent over a decade focussing on the microbiome in clinical practice. We have learned so much over this time, becoming flexible to the fast-moving research, as well as adapting our beliefs and clinical translation when needed. It has been fascinating and a little challenging at times. What is clear though, is that host-microbiome interactions and context and pattern recognition, sit central to using microbiome assessments in clinical practice. 

Finally, we wanted to be part of a human health laboratory with the highest standards of transparency, sustainability, and a commitment to the B Corp values instilled in the legal framework of Invivo. Over the 18 months, we have had countless decisions in front of us, and we have always committed to the best possible science alongside the highest environmental standards. 

In September 2019, Phylo Bioscience achieved CQC registration to provide diagnostic and screening services and we have achieved B Corp status for Phylo Bioscience in 2020. We have now decided to take Phylo Bioscience under the Invivo brand, renaming it as Invivo Diagnostics Laboratory.

We hope you can celebrate this with us. 

Without your support, none of this would have happened.  

Yours thankfully 

Humphrey Bacchus 

MD | Invivo Healthcare 

+ Founder | Phylo Bioscience (now Invivo Diagnostics) 


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[Article revised July 2020.]

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