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Bio.Clear™ Virome 90s

Bio.Clear™ Virome contains clinically evidenced botanicals and the amino acid L-lysine, alongside vitamin C. This immune support is designed to be used as a preventative or at higher doses during an acute viral infection.

immune supplement bio.clear virome

Bio.Clear™ Virome

  • designed with the health of host-viral interactions in mind
  • can be used alongside Bio.Revive™ Beta Immune + and/or Bio.Revive™ Mycommune for enhanced, broad-spectrum immune support
  • designed to be utilised at a lower dose as a preventative or a higher dose during an acute viral infection
  • 90 caps
  • GMO-free | vegan | gluten-free | dairy-free

Andrographis paniculata
Andrographis has been found to improve coughs, reduce sore throats, and overall symptoms and duration of acute upper respiratory tract symptoms in a review of 33 randomised clinical trials.

Echinacea purpurea
Echinacea is a well-known traditional immune supportive herb. A meta-analysis concluded that Echinacea was associated with a reduced risk of recurrent respiratory infections with the most effective extracts being used at increased doses during acute infections.

Olive leaf
Olive leaf and its active constituent – oleuropein – has anti-viral properties against several viruses, as well as powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and anti-microbial activity.

An essential amino acid for the immune system. L-lysine is commonly used to prevent the replication of the herpes virus in cold sore outbreaks, reducing the severity of symptoms.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C supports multiple cellular functions of the innate and adaptive immune systems, as well as supporting the epithelial barrier function against invasion.

When to use:
1-2 capsules

  • to help establish a healthy viral load
  • for optimal immune-viral interaction
  • for long-term preventative support
  • to prime the immune system, optimising it for viral contact

2-4 capsules

  • to help fight and clear viruses during an acute viral infection

Bio.Clear™ Virome 90s

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Invivo Therapeutics support human ecology without adhering to the old techniques of ‘remove and replace’.

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