Sue Camp Joins Invivo

The Growing Invivo Family…

Our first new team member of 2018 is Sue Camp, MSc, who joins us as our Clinician Education Manager.

Joining Invivo Clinical aligns opportunities for new learnings and personal growth with a positive, stimulating and forward-thinking team – people who very obviously love what they do. Invivo has a reputation for “can do, will do” that I absolutely love; making a difference to everyone’s health is both fun and important to this team. 

When I was asked at my interview what my values were and what I would need to make this position work, I realised how this company values its team, and it made me look forward to being part of it. 

A smaller, owner-operated company allows decision-making and strategy to be dynamic and responsive and Invivo Clinical accomplishes this. The company has an exciting growth strategy driven not only by patient outcomes, but responsibility to customers, community, employees, and the environment. 

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Sue Camp, MSc

Sue Camp